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AKASHA SESSIONS for Health, Wealth & Soul's Purpose

Ever felt like you are on an obstacle course?
First, it’s a global shutdown, then fires, floods, riots, or economic breakdown. Fear over health, then money then violence.
The old way of doing “life” is no longer effective. In fact, it slows you down, makes you sick, or causes confusion and depression.
You want to move forward with ideas, but there are so many obstacles right now!
Then there’s that voice deep inside you... the one that won’t shut up no matter how far down you shove it.
“I am meant for so much more...”
“I want to help people, I have so much to give...”
“I know it’s time to follow my heart... into the unknown...”

Then there’s that voice deep inside you... the one that won’t shut up no matter how far down you shove it.
“I am meant for so much more...”
“I want to help people, I have so much to give...”
“I know it’s time to follow my heart... into the unknown...”

I want to invite you to get off the hamster wheel of stress, worry, and never enoughness.
The way of forcing things to happen by overworking, sacrificing your health or time or finances by putting everyone and everything else first is NOT going to get you anything but struggle.
It’s time to let go and allow your true voice, your spiritual mission, and your incredible gifts and purpose to be your guide.
It’s time to embrace your value and gifts and step into the Life Your Soul Intended.
The Solstice Soul Session Special gives you extra bonus guided healings and Soul journeys to assist you in continuing all the way to your full Soul expression.

You are coded with the blueprint your Soul decided on. In a Soul Session with me, you will uncover the blocks, fears, and patterns that are embedded in you that hold you back.
You were designed to be perfect for the mission you have at a Soul level. In a Soul reading, journey, healing, or attunement you will uncover subconscious agreements you have that make you feel not good enough and block you from accessing your real power.
Isn’t it time you knew what keeps you from knowing, or acting or letting go so you can realign with your heart?

A Soul Session will connect you to your guides, body elemental, higher self, and more. It will locate and help transmute the fears, blocks, and family patterns that keep you stuck. Healing, cleansing, guidance, unhooking stuck energy, and Soul insights are all included.

“That was incredible, I feel so much lighter!
The pressure on my heart is gone and
I feel so calm and safe. I feel relieved that I now
have the clarity I need to move forward...” L.D. 

Soul Reading Your Soul chose some specific challenges, skills, fears, successes, skills, agreements, and talents to bring into this life... for a reason. 
You are NOW ready to know, release, reveal, remember, and renew your Soul connection and live through your heart.
Let’s do it together and free you to rise to your joyful life of purpose.
You can reestablish your clear connection to your Soul, let’s do it!

Receive 3 Bonuses: Portal Passage guided cleansing, vibration raising and creating your next reality (audio and video).
Plus: Journey to see in the dark with Jaguar - shamanic audio journey with music.
Plus: an all new one July 4th LIVE for private clients for the 3rd gateway eclipse!!

Confused about what is best for your optimal health
and healing journey in 2020?

Get a Exploratory Healing Consultation including immediate action steps and recommendations to implement with Akasha
(1 hour phone consult)

Pandemic, health crises, personal awakening, emotional overwhelm... It is a confusing time and the "old ways" are no longer working. Breakdowns, diseases, changes and spiritual awakening are all creating massive transitions in body, mind, emotions, lifestyles, spirit, relationships, income and more.
Healing Exploratory Consult + rec with Akasha 1 hour
Spend an hour on the phone with Akasha and get insight, answers, solutions and relief!

This is not one size fits all, it is a very individualized experience that takes into account all of your being (physical, mental, emotional, spiritual, financial, relational, lifestyle and your true purpose) to receive what is the next best step for you at this time.
Akasha will see what blocks, soul contracts, karmic, knots or embedded agreements beliefs, thoughts, habits, obligations and patterns are actively keeping you from aligning with your true potential. She will text what supplements, processes or remedies would benefit you and give you a recommendation at the end so you can begin your healing journey.

The session is not a full Soul or energy session, but a conversation and scan, testing and directions on what to do next. It does include an LightBody Scan and cleanse which will help to calm and open your field for your next steps. You will leave with a better understanding of what is going on for you and an action plan.
Highly recommended for all ages and people.

Akasha draws from 35 years experience and study from dozens of modalities and disciplines. As a Homeopath, certified in most natural and alternative modalities such as flower essences, homeopathy, vitamins, herbs, oils, radionics she draws from a vst toolbox to find the optimal tools for you at this time. She will test you personally and give you a range of options to implement right away and get the relief you seek.
As a graduate of over 25 energy medicine schools from Master Light Weaver, Master Level Reiki, Tellington Touch, Massage including 3 Mystery Schools, Akasha is an experienced clairvoyant, sentient and sensitive.She scans and sees your energy fields and connects to your highest good so that all that comes through aligns with your highest good and is ONLY what is OPTIMAL for YOU at THIS TIME.

Note: Akasha is not a Doctor and does not give you a diagnosis or medical advice. She will give you insights, options and many methods to compliment whatever you are doing now. She will empower you to feel more safe ad solid in your situation and you can choose to work deeper with her if you wish, but there is no obligation or pressure to sig up for anything. This is true healing for your whole beautiful self.


Intuitive Reading & Channeled Guidance & Energy Cleanse

Receive guidance and connection about your energetic and karmic makeup - what is your true Mission? What is blocking your purpose from manifesting now? What do you need to complete, release or take action on now to step into something "bigger" you are meant for!

Discover what has shifted, ended and what NEW openings have manifested in your energy field since the grand transformation of 2020 began.

Done live together on Zoom or recorded and sent (video not required).

You will receive a reading and channeled messages from your Spirit Guides, Higher Self or Soul. Includes a LightBody Light weaving energy scan and cleanse and messages from your body, higher self, guides and other selves... whatever is optimal for you at this time.

This is guidance and alignment for you to live your purpose joyfully NOW.

Choose a Soul Reading or Spirit Guidance. Both include an Infinity Light Weaving Scan & cleanse Live & Recorded for you
● 45 minutes
Price $111 for one (Package of 3+ includes 10% off - just ask us)

Buy now and I will gift you with my powerful audio shamanic journey with Jaguar (including my specially designed sound healing music) when you get a private session!

Email support@nanakasha.com with questions

Heal Blocks, Discover Your Past, Deep Transformative Shamanic Journey 
Go on a journey into your Soul with me in a 1-1 session designed to locate and remove your blocks to your purpose and communication with your highest self. 

Regression and Healing Includes Soul Alignment, Karmic Contract Transmutation, Akashic Records LightBody Journey High Frequency Love Healing Session
A DEEP Session using High Income Hypnosis™, Shamanic journeying, Multidimensional Energy healing

May include: Past Life Regression/Clearing, Soul contract termination, Spiritual Blueprint activation, Soul Triggers and more. 
These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment.
Almost always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process.
● Done live together on Zoom and recorded
●  One 90 minute deep session 
● Email support for 10 days
● All sessions Recorded for you
TOTAL Time 90 Minutes

Price is $222

Buy now and I will gift you with my powerful audio shamanic journey with Jaguar (including my specially designed sound healing music) when you get a private session!

Email support@nanakasha.com for any questions

Heal Blocks, Reprogram Your Mind Rewire with High Income Hypnosis™ 
Go deeper with me in an Akasha Healing Session! For health on all levels and in all bodies, including all modalities I can draw from after 33 years of experience. 1-1 High Income Hypnosis ™, shamanic journeying, LightBody healing energy medicine. This session is designed 100% for your personal situation. We locate and transform your blocks to a higher STATE and awaken you body-mind to healing flow. We work on all levels - physical, mental, emotional or spiritual. We go to the source, find the cause, detach the energy bond and rejuvenate you to become your own healer. Release fear and find your optimal state. Transform your biggest money fear or self esteem issue in this Deep 2 hour Session + One 30 Minute Follow UP Energy Scan & Reading call

Regression and Healing Includes Soul Alignment, Karmic Contract Transmutation, Body cleansing, mind rewiring, Soul connection activation, Akashic Records access, LightBody Healing and Infinity Light Weaving, Energy & Aura Cleanses and Soul retrieval and purpose realignment.
A DEEP Session using High Income Hypnosis™, Shamanic journeying, Multidimensional Energy healing, LightBody Healing, Infinity Light Weaving

May include: Past Life Regression/Clearing, Soul contract termination, Spiritual Blueprint activation, Soul Triggers or Energy Healing. 
These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment.
Always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process.
Resources, supplements, tips and tools are provided for your continued healing.
● Done live together on Zoom and recorded
● 2 Hour Deep Session + 30 Min Energy Scan Reading & Follow Up Call
● 3 weeks of Email follow ups
TOTAL Time 2 hours 30 minutes plus emails 

Price $397.00

Buy now and I will gift you with my powerful audio shamanic journey with Jaguar (including my specially designed sound healing music) when you get a private session!

Email support@nanakasha.com for any questions

Looking to GO DEEPER with your Transformation and a aligning to your Soul Purpose, strengths and skills?

Akasha has 3 Packages (subject to availability):

  • Metamorphosis Package: 4 Deep sessions (6 hours/month) a month for 1 or 3 months
  • ​Soul Purpose Package: 3 Deep Sessions a month- (3 hours/month) for 1 or 3 months
  • ​Metamorphosis Cocoon Day: Deep dive in a single day to clear and renew fast (4.5 hours + 2- 30 minute calls).

For Details or to talk to Akasha Email Support@Nanakasha.com

It's time to increase your connection to the Spirit Guides!

  • Do you feel like you are ready to increase your clarity and reception of inner guidance and awareness of Spirit guides? (Spirit guides include nature or animal spirits, angels or ascended masters, colors or celestials like Gaia, your higher self, your body elemental and so much more!).
  •  Spirit Guides are becoming more common, more tangible and people like you are waking UP to Light Languages and multiple forms of communication.
  • In these sessions you will receive guidance and inspiration, recalibration AND a deeper connection to your Spirit Guides. Then we will create an "EZ BUTTON" for you to re-connect to them when you desire!
  • Your ability to communicate with all forms of conscious energies and guidance will be increasing because we are entering a new age, one where our senses are awakening.
  • ​Accelerate your connection and follow loving guidance as you prepare for 2020 and enter a new decade. No need to go alone! Your Private SPIRIT GUIDE Reading is ready.

Your Private SPIRIT GUIDE Reading is ready!

  • What could be more comforting, nurturing and transformative than having guidance all the time that you know, understand and trust?
  • Spirit guides are a fact of life, from your higher self to your body elemental. From the crystal kingdom to the fairy realms, and the powerful elementals... life force and creative possibilities exist outside the physical realm!
  • More than 90% of YOU is not physical... or visible to the human eye. Isn't it time to tune in and let the Spirit realms support, love and guide you?
  • ​You deserve it... and it's all ready and waiting for you!

Feel a Call in your Heart for Enlightened Guidance?

Are you READY to receive guidance, direction, nurturing, inspiration, love, clarity, peace, joy and creative flow... these sessions are for you!

Do you feel like you would like to understand where to put your focus, what's next for you and the meaning of what happened in the last year?

You are ready to LET GO of all the past and release what is done and empower yourself with the strength and wisdom you have gained!

Are you ready to tune in to who you are becoming, who your Soul intended?
Let's cleanse, clear and reboot you for the new year!

NOW is the time to connect, choose and live through inner guidance!

NOW is the time to let go of struggle, second guessing and worry!

NOW is the time to finally create a clear and open channel to your higher selves and listen to INNER guidance, not OUTER fear!

NOW you can let and go and accelerate your ability to RISE to a higher state of awareness and receive loving, protective and healing guidance that is ready and willing right now!

Private SPIRIT GUIDE Reading & Journey
with Akasha

Experience a powerful personal guided journey, healing and alignment with your special Spirit Guide. Meet, journey with and receive answers, guidance, healing and clarity as you connect with your own personal Spirit Guides. This is a powerful tradition that transcends time and space and gives you the support, insight and love that creates change and joyful prosperity in your life, mind and body.

Choose to receive guidance, healing or inspiration from any of these Spirit Guides, or let them choose you:

  • Animals Spirit Guides
  • Nature Spirits
  • Celestials (Earth - Gaia, Sun, Moon, stars, or Angels)
  • ​Ascended Masters
  • ​Gods/Goddesses.

Your Higher Self accompanies all journeys and everything is experienced inside powerful energy and light structures to keep you safe and create an easy way to let go, clearly receive and to align with your Soul's signature frequency. An excellent way to end/start the new year and decade, and an incredible gift for those you love. 

Blisslife Retreats


5 Days in Maya Sacred Space to Activate Your Pineal & Awaken your Soul Purpose!

  • Location #1: Healing Headquarters: Our Chicxulub Beach House with pool, swings, palapas on the beach for full immersion into nature, and the healing of the ancient waters and energies of the ancient Maya and famous Chicxulub Meteor (we are located on the cusp of the meteor crater on a LONG white sand beach.)
  • ​Location #2: DZIBILCHALTUN Maya Sacred Initiation Site for the Equinox Solar Initiation
  • Location #3: Uxmal & Choco Museum & Eco Park
  • ​Location #4: Cenote pure water sound healing & Cacao & Shamanic Sensory Ceremony
  • ​Location #5: Merida, 500 year old Colonial City  

It is time to AWAKEN the SEAT OF YOUR SOUL and Live from Infinite Source Abundance!

This Special Equinox we will spend 5 days ACTIVATING YOUR PINEAL GLAND - your 3rd EYE and Re-Aligning your 7 Personal Chakras to the New Frequencies of Unity and Golden Spiritual Sunlight!

Come and Enter into the Mystical world of the Cosmic Maya. Experience a Chakra connection to  
the energy vortexes at the Maya sites & Sacred Cenote, and receive the powerful effects of these inter-dimensional doorways!

Dzibilchaltún is a major Initiation Center for the
Mystery Schools of the World. The focus is on individual consciousness. 

This gate connects this Maya Temple of the Seven Powers to the Temple of Ra in Egypt through an
Inner World Spiritual Serpent Tunnel (Vortex), linking the Transmission of Ra (Sun) Light to the
frequencies of both temples. Dzibilchaltún’s sacred precinct holds the World Tree Axis, a
giant stelae which represents the Four Corners of the World. This Axis Stone is illuminated at dawn on the equinoxes and the focus here is on the balance of light and shadow.

What is happening with this new year?

t's 2020! That means HUGE changes in who we are and how we experience our reality. This is started by the new years portal - so we will prepare for 2 days together, live (& recorded for future use) so you can go through the portal and optimize this chance to use the process to accelerate your personal growth.

2019 was preparing, stripping away and reviewing and challenging everything in our lives. Now as the year ends, it is time to go deep and release the last bits The final release will cleanse you to enter the new energies of 2020.

Now is the time to earn the vibration of Harmony and how to use it. To harmonize or align with the ultra-powerful energy in 2020 you need to be in energetic 'shape" - clear and open, unattached. Your secret for living in 2020 will be learning to rise above the 'dark' - and accepting that you can anytime, anywhere.

"What comes in 2020 feels like a great opportunity to ascend to higher levels of consciousness. The vibration of the planet is going to be changing and rising, and as this energy gets closer, our spiritual growth will accelerate. This is a huge process of ascension and awakening..." - Spiritualify

2020 means 2 + 0 = # 2 means the duality that creates all form "above and below", and it meets and dances with 0 which is INFINITY. zero point, Source, all that is the Infinite field. 20 x 2 represents a massive acceleration of our connection to the infinite field, our true nature, our purpose and our powers to create! This is the power to create from infinity, not from power over others.

Cosmic Alignment Corridor: Jan 6 - 13, 2020 something happens that no one alive right now has EVER experienced this! An amazing alignment happens between Monday January 6th and Monday January 13th, 2020, A historic first time in our lives line-up of planets in astrology, involving Pluto, Ceres, Saturn and Mercury at 22 Capricorn.

ACCELERATE YOUR GROWTH - Awaken Your Potential, Free Yourself & Create the Life Your Soul Intended! 

A Month with Nan!
1, 3, 6 month packages
Awaken Your Potential, Free Yourself from the Mental Programs that Keep You (includes High Income Hypnosis™

These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment.
You can pick a focus, or let your Highest Self decide what is best. You will receive exactly what is optimal for your highest good and Divine purpose at this time.
It may include any and all modalities I use, and almost always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process. : Sample of what is possible is: Chakra and Lightbody™ healing, energy activations, reconnections, Soul retrieval, healing on all dimensions, past life experiences and transmuting Karma and more. You can meet and speak to your guides, body and Spirit council, anyone in any time space reality. You can travel to other worlds and retrieve your abundance, free yourself from Soul contractors transmute your money, success and happiness patterns. You can flip your DNA on and end old low vibe patterns... you can heal grief, loss and let go of the past so you can be fully present for your powerful purpose to unfold.
● Done live together on Zoom and recorded
● 1 - 90 Minute Session
●1 - 60 minute Reading sessions live  
● 2 - 15 minute emergency calls
● 1 Planning & Strategy Call per Qtr
● 3 weeks per month of Email and text access
● All sessions Recorded for you
Total Time Live with Nan - 5.5 hours/mo
Monthly Price $1997

(3 ONLY 2 SPOTS available for 2019)

(Email asst@nanakasha.com with any questions ro to talk to Nan)
Nan's Courses for Transformation, Wealth, Happiness... 
#1 Intuitive Reading & Channeled Guidance & Energy Cleanse
Recorded and Sent to you
● 30 minutes
Price $150
(Email asst@nanakasha.com with questions)

#2 Past Life Reading & LightBody Energy Healing Adjustment & Reprogramming
Ready to launch a new idea or career and want to be sure you never repeat an old pattern again? Want to know why you have fear of speaking up, money issues or keep attract depleting relationships?
Nan will do a "KEY" Past Life Reading for you - guided by your highest self, this powerful, revealing reading is what is most important for you to know at this time to solve the issues currently blocking you from your purpose, success, Money, joy or healing. Includes any or all of the following as guided: energy and light healing, channeled messages from your guides and any remedy suggestions and next steps.
● Done live together on Zoom or Skype (or recorded and sent to you if needed)
● 30 minutes
(Email asst@nanakasha.com for any questions)
#3 Past Life Regression & Deep Healing Experience Karmic Contract Transmutation, Akashic Records LightBody Journey
Deep Multidimensional Healing and GUIDED HYPNOSIS & SHAMANIC Journey for Past Lives that hold the blocks, keys and powers you need now to succeed.
We dive into your LightBody™ and DNA Codes and Soul Map and heal along the way.
(Reading, energy scan and Channeled Message included as relevant)
● Done live together on Zoom or Skype and recorded for you
● 60 minutes
● Two Email follow ups: Nan will tune in and tune up twice after the session and send an email with any other info that comes in, and you may respond and ask follow up questions
● Recorded and given to you
Regular Price $555
(Email asst@nanakasha.com for questions)
How to transform Client Conversations from Awkward to Awesome and Increase Your Confidence & Sales in 30 Days!
Do you love your business but HATE selling?

Do you want a way to reach and sell to your ideal customer, helping them and knowing they will thrive because of you... but NOT feel like you are pushy or sleazy? 

I have a way to get deep into your mind and transform your fears to selling or asking for money as well as give you scripts and templates to have a Sacred Sales Conversation where you both leave feeling great!

#1: Transform Your Money Story
#2 Client Solution™ Secrets: Mindset, beliefs, self image and BEING the 6 or 7 Figure Sales success you are, by creating a Sacred Sales space
#3 The Sacred Sales Solution™System: Serving your client BIG!
#4 Mastering The Money Talk
#5 CashFLOW infusion BluePrint
#6 LIVE Q & A with Nan 

High Income Hypnosis™

Price $697

(Email asst@nanakasha.com for questions)
Flip Your Rich Switch
26 Days to More Money. The push button system for reprogramming your Mind for Success
Are You ready to have a Step by Step System to tell you exactly what to do each day to create more money, fun, client and results?

Tired of not knowing what to do next? Ready for an easy, ‘sit back and relax” system for making more money?


This audio, video and mind programming course literally “Flips the Switch in your Mind” to manifesting your goals, reprogramming your mind, transforming negative beliefs and creating new powerful habits. This Step by Step Multimedia Course will give you a DAILY Routine to follow, and all you need for it, so all you do is plug in your headphones and relax!

What do you get?
An email EVERY SINGLE DAY telling you what to do and exactly how. Simple as possible, all it requires is your commitment and action.WHAT to do and how to do it!
Step by step instructions on how to build new beliefs, habits and routines that will support your wealthy life from now on… put it on autopilot so you naturally do, feel, think and act from KNOWING who you are and what to do
Audios: 3 different powerful encoded meditations and other guided audios to use daily, twice a week or weekly.
Videos: 3 different multisensory 2 minute videos to use daily to accelerate your new beliefs, goals and habit formation
Belief Clearing: no transformation works without belief clearing, so you will get 3 beliefs clearing audios, one each week.
Audio guidance: each email with have an explanation from me telling you what to do today
Daily Inspiration: Magnetic wealth affirmations, inspiring quotes and mindsets to inspire you in your day

Regular Price $597 

(Email asst@nanakasha.com with any questions)
  • Life Altering Ceremonies: Choose form a variety of ceremonies in sacred or exotic locations like a Cacao Ceremony in a Sacred Geometry Temple in the Jungle, or a Mayan Shaman Ancestral Ceremony in an Ancient Mayan Site...
  • Sacred Water Experiences: Cleanse, purify and be reborn in sacred pure Cenote (underground caves) waters or in the ocean.
  • Dolphin Healing: add a Personal Dolphin Healing Bliss Experience 
  • Sound, Crystal & Vibrational Medicine Healing Sessions: including Light Technology & Pineal Activations.
  • High Income Hypnosis: Detach from the past, pain, parents, programs and more and reveal the old patterns, reclaim the power and live from a new paradigm designed just for the Life Your Soul Intended.
with Nan Akasha in the Tropical Mayan Riviera
Choose a 1 to 7 Day DEEP METAMORPHOSIS
VIP Soul Attunement Experience Designed for you
  • Deep Shamanic Healing Soul Journeys: Let Akasha guide you on inner journey's to discover your true purpose, recover disowned parts, untangle Karmic Knots, Vows and Agreements that no longer Serve and free your voice.
  • LightBody Healing Adjustments & Attunements: Cleanse, Activate and Re-Align Your Energy Field to your Personal Abundance Flow and download your new Soul Codes.
  • Communicate with your Spirit Guides, Higher Self and Light Guides: for a message on your purpose, your Soul Blueprint and your Fully Funded Mission.
  • Rewire Your Mind to Support Your Hearts Desires: Experience a Permanent Belief Transformation and Mental Block Melting
  • Pyra Light: Magnetics & Infra Red Healing. Restructure the fluids in your body, reduce inflammation, rebalance old patterns, heal and realign.
  • Nasal Light Therapy: Pulsed Electric Infrared light is shined into the nasal cavity, where the blood goes by . All the blood is then rejuvenated into full formed, separate red blood cells, white bloods cells are robust and can move around. Many more benefits to this therapy.
  • Rife Machine: Frequency Therapy: In person or Long Distance Biofeedback, Detox, Daily Wellness, CHakra balancing...
Module One: Infinity Light Weaving - A fun, EZ and super powerful way to Manifest More Abundance, Health and Flow
A LightBody™ Healing Tool - EZ to use - Increase Everything! 

HEAL and re-align your body, Cleanse your Mind of old thoughts beliefs, Recalbrate Your Emotions to support and uplift you rather than drain you. This easy to use technique does everything from reducing inflammation, connecting your heart to your Soul, rebalancing your energy feild so your workplace is pleasant and fun, increase confidence, self worth or balance and align your energy field daily, connect deeper to the plants, people, earth and all around you, unhook from unhealthy emotional attachments... the list goes on and one what you can use this for! 

It's a POWER TOOL for Building, Redesigning and Balancing your Life on every level. 

Interested in getting into the FLOW?
Want an EZ ro use tool to align with the Field of Abundance, and be able to change your state, and heal and manifest faster? Then you want this simple secret, EZ tools


And beautiful Color healing tools to manifesting INCREASE in Wealth, Health 
and Spiritual Growth - here it is.

An EZ to learn and use, an everyday tool to lift your life up in every area Meditation, Training and Activation Videos
Done for you colorful charts, tools, guides

                                                                     >>CLICK HERE TO SEE MORE<<
Enjoy Monthly Calls with Nan, Teaching, Guiding Deep Processes, Healings and Channeling a new message. These calls are created in the moment, responding to the energies and needs of the Highest good in the moment.  The purpose is to raise the vibration and State of consciousness on the planet and in the Multi-Verses and inter-dimensionally -without an agenda, ONLY FROM PURE DIVINE LOVE - and by Tuning in to the energies and Spirit guides in the moment that best serve the Highest Good and The Light.

Many ascended Masters of the Light, Angels, Nature Spirits and Deva's, and more come to joins us, as I create a pure crystalline white light structure, along with the Elementals and those who are here from only the Highest Love Space. The effect is magical and profound, deep and healing. 

You essentially get bathed in Divine love, released of past burdens and opened to the next best step on your Life Purpose, in whatever is the optimal way for you.
Akasha here - welcome, big hugs!
I am a portal, and each person's experience will be different, and exactly what is ideal in the moment. I create the safe space, and we all heal, then we always end with sending this LOVE to the planet, all life forms, water, animals, plants and people, and beyond into the other realms. In this way we are ALL RAISING OUR VIBRATION and moving up the consciousness scale together, in whatever way is ideal for each Divine being. 

Our evolution is way beyond one little step here or there, we are multidimensional beings, opening to a multidimensional existence, and you have to learn to travel the road of light, love and energy, to create worlds of peace and beauty, and unfold the purpose within your DNA. 

- Balance and engage the energy you have access to - on the planet, the Universe, in yourself and more 
- Transmute Your Energies Around: Love -Success - Self Worth - Attachment to the Past - Fear of Failure and more...
- Finally let go & transmute of Guilt, Shame & Old patterns 
 PLUS! Be the First to be Notified of Special Events and special prices on Spiritual Awakening Worldwide in sacred, powerful and beautiful places, tapping into the energies and co-creating with the Earth and Cosmos - ancient and Sacred places.

Being a part of this community gives you Specials on Courses, Audios and More tools for living from Divine Abundance inside and out and on Living a Spiritual Life of Abundance. Please share it and let's raise the planet into the Golden Age - with heart and wisdom! Namaste!
Love, Akasha
Fairy Godmother

How to Master Your Emotions
in Any Situation" Book & Course!

  • This Interactive Video & Audio Course includes 4 Training Videos, 1 Guided Process Video, 1 PDF & 2 Bonuses:
  • 1 - Video Training 1: The Scale of Consciousness: Energy, Emotions and STATES and why and how you can use it to raise your vibration, mood and rewire your mind from limiting patterns and fears in any situation (60 minutes)
  • 1 - Video Training 2: Truth Testing Methods & the Scale of Consciousness: 3 Ways to Test Your Truth or What is “Optimal for you at this Time” & be able to Find Where you are living (emotional STATE) on the Scale of Consciousness in any moment. Track what brings you up or down and the shift. Kinesiology, Pendulum & Body Compass. (1 hour 26 min)
  • ​​1 - Video Training: 20 Minute Experiential Training on the Golden STATE of "Acceptance" - the Place you Take your Power Back! Includes the mental, emotional, environmental and transformational States within the Level of Consciousness of "Acceptance". Learn why this is the only STATE you need to align with to change your life in every situation and how to raise your STATE anytime from anywhere. (44 minutes)
  • 1 - Video Training 4: Step by Step Guide on how to Test Yourself on the Scale. Use as often as needed, pause as desired. (10 min)
  • ​2 - Audios on a Guided Process Experience: Raise Your State Now! A Guided Process using the scale of Consciousness: to RAISE your emotional STATE from a low STATE like fear, guilt, shame or depression to courage, willingness, acceptance and beyond. Re-use as often as desired. Audio 1 is an Intro and tells you what to prepare and have to do the process (24 min) + Guided Process Audio (20 minutes)
  • ​1 - "Scale of Emotional Consciousness" Full Color Graphic PDF to print, carry on your phone and use to change your STATE anytime. 
  • EMOTIONAL CLEANSE LIVE! Guided Process using Light & Color & Energy to cleanse yourself from low energies LIVE on MAY 23 @ 11 am ET/8 am PT
"A Fairy Godmother..."
"I didn't want to live. Each breath was a painful reminder... my arms were empty, my heart in a million pieces, my daughter was dead. Then a book fell off a shelf into my arms... I opened it, and the light that kept me alive was revealed. I would not be here today if it were not for healers like Louise Hay and Alton Kamadon. Now I am on a mission to spread LightBody™Healing and freedom from the past.
Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement to raise consciousness on the planet. 
Akasha (aka Nan), CHT, Dhom, MM, KM, LBHP is a "Fairy Godmother" of transformation, light, love and money... according to her clients. A seven time #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Be Love”, “Already Rich”, 'Thoth Book of Magic" and the upcoming "LightBody Healing LightBody Essentials 1". A Spiritual Teacher, master healer and hypnotherapist, and doctor of Homeopathy, Akasha has created over 133 programs like "Awaken Your LightBody", "infinity Light Weaving", “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow™ Writing” and the international bestseller “Flip Your Rich Switch™". Akasha’s Sacred lightbody work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission abundantly and with joy. Creator of LightBody School, LightBody Healing Class & Certification and BlissLife Retreats Epic Equinox experiences. 

She leads exclusive Sacred Activation Spiritual retreats as well as healing, writing, and creative retreats and travels worldwide to spread her message of peace, partnership and prosperity. While Akasha’s twin girls are in college she can be found spreading joy and love in the Mayan Riviera and around the world with her Soulmate and BlissLife Press co-founder, master marketer Christopher Sherrod. 

She has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, awarded the Women in Ecommerce award (from WE Magazine), and been featured on 100's of radio & Stages across North America with (Lisa Sasevich, Arielle Ford, and Bob Doyle and Joe Vitale from the hit movie "The Secret".
As a spiritual teacher, energy worker and enlightened workshop leader she combines the practical and the spiritual... intuition and business, money and meaning. Drawing on her deep Shamanic training and "X-Ray Vision", her 30 years building businesses and her design and art background, she heads an international design and launch team with a fresh new style. This is why for over 10 years, Akasha’s clients have called her their "Fairy Godmother".
Featured in “Fast Company” magazine as a business leader to watch, Akasha is author of seven #1 best selling books, one hundred thirty three audio programs, speaks on top stages and is passionate about combining purpose and philanthropy with healthy profits. "An event planner's dream" Akasha brings "color, joy and her big heart" to the stage. Find Akasha’s books “Be Love”, “Already Rich: Secrets to Master Your Money Mind” and the upcoming “LightBody™ Healing" and on amazon or at BlissLifePress.com.
Called once again to lead international retreats in sacred places like Egypt and at Mayan Pyramids, and to incorporate both lightbody work and healing with dolphins and sacred waters, Akasha’s mission includes both virtual training and in person transformation. BlissLifeRetreats.com
You can enjoy Akasha’s magic through her online courses, intuitive readings, meditations, books and one on one healing work, as well as in her global meditations and online community “Living the Light". You can find Nan's courses, like the international hit “Flip Your Rich Switch” with her signature High Income Hypnosis™ and her LightBody™ Healing at LightBodySchool.com NanAkasha.com
You can find Akasha currently living the "Sandy Feet" lifestyle of a Spiritual Teacher, Healer, Retreat leader and free entrepreneur... a "BlissLife" - traveling the world - slowly. From the Mayan Riviera to the shores of Spain, Greece or Rio - Akasha is living life full out, spreading love and raising the vibration of the planet and guiding those who feel called to the light, with her Soulmate Chris, while her beloved twins are on a college adventure.
 LightBody™Healing & Dolphin Therapy!
Akasha doing LightBody™ Healing as part of a Dolphin-Human Healing Team with a Dolphin Therapist for Patti- 12 years in a wheelchair - now standing, walking a little with help and swimming with no vest! SUCH an Honor for this modality!
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