Nan Akasha, CHT, Dhom
"Fairy Godmother" Founder LightBody
"Nan is Like Abraham Hicks on Steroids"
Manifest Your Life Aligned with Your Purpose by Learning to Sense & Direct Energy & Activating Your LightBody  
Experience  a LightBody Chakra Attunement & Healing & Readings 
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Nan's Private Sessions 
Intuitive Reading & LightBody™  Adjustment & Channeled Guidance

Recorded and Sent to you

● 30 minutes 

Price $150 

(Email with questions)

Past Life Reading & LightBody Energy Healing Adjustment & Reprogramming

Ready to launch a new idea or career and want to be sure you never repeat an old pattern again? Want to know why you have fear of speaking up, money issues or keep attract depleting relationships?
Nan will do a "KEY" Past Life Reading for you - guided by your highest self, this powerful, revealing reading is what is most important for you to know at this time to solve the issues currently blocking you from your purpose, success, Money, joy or healing. Includes any or all of the following as guided: energy and light healing, channeled messages from your guides and any remedy suggestions and next steps.

● Done live together on Zoom or Skype (or recorded and sent to you if needed) 

● 30 minutes 


(Email for any questions)

Past Life Regression & Deep Healing Experience Karmic Contract Transmutation, Akashic Records LightBody Journey

Deep Multidimensional Healing and Journey for Past Lives that hold the blocks, keys and powers you need now to succeed. 
We dive into your LightBody
™ and DNA Codes and Soul Map and heal along the way. 

(Reading, energy scan and Channeled Message included as relevant)
● Done live together on Zoom or Skype and recorded for you
● 60 minutes
● Two Email follow ups: Nan will tune in and tune up twice after the session and send an email with any other info that comes in, and you may respond and ask follow up questions
● Recorded and given to you

Regular Price $555

(Email for questions)

#4 Past Lives Regressions & Cosmic Healing Experience

Regression and Healing Includes Soul Alignment, Karmic Contract Transmutation, Akashic Records LightBody Journey  High Frequency Love Session

A DEEP Session using hypnosis, Shamanic journeying, Multidimensional healing

May include: Past Life Regression/Clearing, Soul contract termination, Spiritual Blueprint activation, Soul Triggers and more.

These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment. 

Always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process. :   ● Done live together on Zoom and recorded  

● 90 minutes  

● 2 - 30 minute follow up session live with Nan on zoom  

● 3 weeks of Email follow ups: Nan will tune in and tune up and then send an email with any other info that comes in, and client may respond and ask follow up questions  ● All sessions Recorded for you 

TOTAL Time 2.5 hours live with Nan

Regular Price $1100 
(Email with any questions)

#5 One Month of Healing Sessions with Nan
(Limited Availability)

These are guided by spirit and include whatever modality and process you need in the moment. 

You can pick a focus, or let your Highest Self decide what is best. You will receive exactly what is optimal for your highest good and Divine purpose at this time. 

It may include any and all modalities I use, and almost always includes a powerful Karmic Contract clearing and imprinting process. : Sample of what is possible is: Chakra and Lightbody™ healing, energy activations, reconnections, Soul retrieval, healing on all dimensions, past life experiences and transmuting Karma and more. You can meet and speak to your guides, body and Spirit council, anyone in any time space reality. You can travel to other worlds and retrieve your abundance, free yourself from Soul contractors transmute your money, success and happiness patterns. You can flip your DNA on and end old low vibe patterns... you can heal grief, loss and let go of the past so you can be fully present for your powerful purpose to unfold. 

● Done live together on Zoom and recorded 
● 1 - 2 hour Session 
2 - 60-90 minute sessions live  

● 2 - 15 minute emergency calls

● 4 weeks of Email and text access
● All sessions Recorded for you

Total Time Live with Nan - 5.5 hours

Regular Price $1997 (2 spots available)

See what Past Live Experiences, 
Intuitive Readings and LightBody Energy Healing's are Like with NAN AKASHA
"The Fairy Godmother of Transformation"

Live Intuitive Reading with Nan

Live Intuitive Reading with Nan

Experience Dolphins in a very rare opportunity to hug, kiss, play and meditate in a DOLPHIN-HUMAN PARTNERSHIP of ENERGY & SOUND HEALING. 
-  Find & Clear Age Old Beliefs and Patterns so the NEW can Arise! 
- Transmute Karmic Energies Around: Money - Success - Self Worth - Charging Your Value - Fear of Loss - Failure  and more...

 PLUS! Be the First to be Notified of Special Events on Living the Light & Decoding Your Destiny
in Sacred sites around the World.
Nan & her Soulmate Chris are "Following Spirit Around the World"  and the call of the dolphins to live in partnership and raise the vibration of awareness so we can spread the message of love, bliss and wealth.
NEW BOOK! Coming June 2018
Nan Akasha is a born innovator, leading an emerging global movement enterprise with a mission to transform lives through books that raise money for charity and build a large client list and income for the author. 

Committed to consciously evolve the planet's potential and raise the vibration of light available at this crucial time of change. Known as the “Secret Weapon” for breaking through blocks, an Intuitive healer, Spiritual Teacher and Master of three Mystery Schools, Nan is the creator of “High Income Hypnosis”. Nan's innate spiritual gifts give her an “uncanny ability to get to the heart of what stops you”. 
Nan Akasha CHT, is a six time #1 Best Selling Author of ‘Be Love”, “Already Rich”, ‘Think and Grow Rich for Women’ and the upcoming “Re-Write Your Money Story". An Artist, and Spiritual Teacher, Nan has created over 133 programs like “Flip Your Rich Switch™” and “Soul Channeling & FreeFlow™ Writing”. Nan’s Sacred lightbody work transcends healing and frees you to live your fully funded mission. 

She leads writing, sacred and creative retreats and travels worldwide to spread her message of peace, partnership and prosperity. While Nan's twin girls are in college she can be found spreading joy and love around the world with her Soulmate and BlissLife Press co-founder, Christopher Sherrod. 

She has been featured in Fast Company Magazine, awarded the Women in Ecommerce award (from WE Magazine), and been featured on 100's of radio & Stages across North America with top Healers an Personal Growth Leaders like Arielle Ford, Joe Vitale.
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September 21-26, 2018
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